test blog: Naptime meals



Bear with me- trying to figure out which format I like, blogging is a new thing to me… so, here’s a silly post just to have something to play around with ❤

It occurred to me recently, that I haven’t taken the time to make a meal just for myself in a very long time…. and the only time I have is when the stars align and the kids nap, just after their lunchtime.   So, here’s to resolving to fix a meal for myself at least once a weekfbblog12

I had these roasted pumpkin seeds, from Halloween.. and decided to come up with a yummy way to eat them.

fbblog13I also had some huge prawns in the freezer.   Yep, pasta and prawns are the perfect 30 minute meal…   So, I started by marinating them in a little orange juice and tequila and salt, while I prepped everything else.  (don’t worry, this isn’t a boozy recipe, the tequila is just for marinating!)

fbblog 6fbblog6




So, I started off by putting a pot of water on, to boil, and roasting some tomatoes– cut them in half, drizzle a little olive oil, and salt, and get them nice and toasty





this is what they look like after roasting for about 15 minutes, and being flipped to their backsidesfbblog11No luck on a double-nap today… baby 2.0 was underfoot and very curious about what mama was doing..fbblog 7


when the tomatoes are nice and roasty, put them in the baby food processor (it’s gotta be useful for something other than baby food puree, right?)   …or a food processor if you’re a fancy adult 😉fbblog8


use a little EVOO to roast some minced garlic, put the roasted tomato puree in, and a few chipotle chiles en adobo.  Simmer it all up for a few minutes until it smells like heaven.fbblog10

Baby getting antsy, put him in high-chair baby-jail with a few cheerios..fbblog9

Add the jumbo shrimp and about half a cup of cream- cook until they’re just done through and the sauce thickens up.




fbblog3These are the toppings I’m guessing will be tasty sprinkled on top:  a green onion, some parmigiano-reggiano, avocado, and pumpkin seeds.


fbblog5when the pasta is done, pour the sauteed shrimp mixture in and mix it up.  Put on a plate and sprinkle on the toppings.   And a little pepper.fbblog4I don’t generally measure anything when I’m cooking- it takes too much of the fun out of it 😉  this was a bit spicy, I might add less garlic next time (sorry in advance for some spicy nursing in a few hours, kiddo!)
Anyways, cheers to my naptime meal. Hope this inspires you to make a meal for yourself once in awhile ❤fb1